The Indian experience of energy conservation by retrofitting of Aluminum blade fans with High-Efficiency ‘COOLFLO’ FRP blade fans has gained recognition over the years in neighboring countries like THAILAND, INDONESIA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, PHILIPPINES, AND TAIWAN. The various fans that have been exported have proven to conserve energy of more than 20% when compared to the replaced Aluminum fans. Due to the demonstrated superior performance, some of the Cooling Tower manufacturers (Ex:Liangchi) in Thailand are on a continuous basis using ‘COOLFLO’ fans.

During, 2016 & 2017, large diameter fans of 10340 MM (34 Ft.) and 10970 MM (36 Ft.) have been exported to Thailand for performance and energy efficiency improvements by replacing existing FRP Blade fans.

Petronas Refinery in Malaysia and Shell Eastern Petroleum Refinery, Singapore have also used ‘COOLFLO’ fans for energy-efficient retrofits in their Air Cooled Heat Exchangers/Fin-Fan coolers. Major refineries like, IRPC & PTT in Thailand have used COOLFLO Fans for the Air Fin Cooler and Cooling Tower Fan performance improvements.

We have been exporting Fans/blades of COOLFLO to Jordan for very severe corrosive environments and also to Saudi Arabia.