About us

We are a professional organization, which was founded by the most experienced men in the domain of cooling towers and fans in India. Our organization was established by three Ph. D degree holders in the year 1989, who hold proven experience in FRP technology, Fans and Cooling Towers. We celebrated our 30th Anniversary Celebrations in September 2019 with a more specific goals sets for the decade starting from 2020.

The continuous R & D work done and recognition achieved by our directors in India and abroad, is established by the list of research/technical papers that were presented at National and International Conference on Fans and Cooling Towers.
Back in 1982, Our founder Directors were the only Indians to present a Research paper on “Design & Development of Large Axial Flow Fans for Cooling Towers” at the First International conference on Fan Design & Applications  in Sept.1982, organized by BHRA, England. Prof. A. K. Rao, one of the Founder Directors was an eminent scientist in Aerospace Engineering, and pioneered structural design & development work at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. He was a consultant to M/S. Lockheed Aircraft Co., U.S.A. and was also a Scientist-Emeritus at the National Aerospace Laboratory, Bangalore. The Scientists / Professors from Indian Institute of Science retained by COOLFLO  also worked for many years in different laboratories and research centers of NASA, U.S.A. in the field of composite (FRP) structures and Aerodynamics. The engineering capability of these NASA trained scientists and the technological abilities of COOLFLO directors have evolved and pioneered the manufacture of large hollow FRP blade fans in India since 1980s.

Under the able guidance and constant motivation of our Managing Director, Dr.K.S.MURTHY, Ph.D.( IIT,Bombay, Mech.Engg.),  we have been able to maintain a strong reputation in the industry for spearheading the latest  design improvements with quality services and products. The experts team’s vast knowledge and rich experience enabled us to serve our clients in the best possible manner. COOLFLO team successfully developed Thermal Design of cooling towers indigenously in 1983-84 and conducted Cooling Tower Performance Tests on large Induced Draft Cooling Towers as per CTI code requirements.
Back in 1986, COOLFLO team was the first to develop  the largest Hollow FRP Blade fan of 10.40 Mtr. (34 Ft.) Diameter in India, with the support of scientists team from NAL, IISc & IIT. Our Directors presented Technical Papers at BHRA, England & AMCA, USA and at other National conferences on FANS in India for many years.