High Performance

Energy crisis is a global phenomenon. The continuous addition of power stations is not the only solution to meet the Energy demand. Saving of Energy or Energy Conservation has been highlighted, over the last few decades, to be the major contributory factor to meet the global challenge of meeting the Energy Demand growth.


In most of the industries and refineries, Cooling Towers and Air-Fin Coolers are a common sight. The induced draught cooling towers and Air-Cooled Heat Ex changers /Air-Cooled Condensers of both forced and induced draught type use Axial Flow Fans. With the continuously operating plants, these fans are required to operate round-the-clock. COOLFLO fans due to their superior aerodynamic design have proven to increase air flow while operating at same power at motor terminals. This increased air flow capability of COOLFLO Fans delivers better outlet temperature of the industrial cooling equipment. The high performance achieved by COOLFLO fans has been established by Third-Party Testing agencies at various installations in other countries. The high efficiency of COOLFLO fans results in low fan motor power consumption and/or increased air flow and hence Energy Saving


In India, COOLFLO fans have achieved maximum (unmatched in the industry) Energy Efficiency improvements when retrofitting conventionally designed fans with GRP / Aluminum blades for the same duty conditions. Of course, this high value of energy savings is not possible in all the fans of all the sizes and it depends on how far away the existing fan is operating from the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) and the actual value of efficiency at BEP. Our experience of more than 30 years enables us to specify confidently a minimum guaranteed power saving of 15% or a minimum increase in air flow of about 10% with COOLFLO fans when compared to existing ‘conventionally designed’ fans of any make.

COOLFLO fans have been proven with superior Energy savings while replacing fans made with the know-how from advanced countries. For some of the clients who required more airflow out of the same diameter of fan, COOLFLO fans have met the requirement by delivering 10 to 20% more air flow than that of the existing fans while operating at rated capacity of the existing motors. Use of such high capacity and high efficiency fans would eliminate costly additions/modifications to existing cells in cooling tower or ACHE/ ACC. As a result of continuous R & D, COOLFLO has a wide range of configurations of fans for each size to meet the specific duty requirements of different installations. Hence, while replacing existing fans or for the specific design requirements of OEMs, COOLFLO designers choose the specific size and configuration of fan to ensure that COOLFLO Fan operates as much close to its BEP as possible. Hence, HIGH PERFORMANCE.