Quality Assurance

We give utmost importance to the quality of our Axial Flow Fans. For this, we follow a well developed Quality Assurance Program (QAP) to ensure reliability of the product.


We make use of quality assured raw-material used in the fan blade such as fiber glass in different forms and weaves, resin components and conduct metallurgical analysis of hub assembly parts and hardware, These tests ensure adherence of the material to our stringent specifications and acceptance codes.


We have appointed a team of quality inspectors, which keeps a close surveillance on the each and every stage of manufacturing. They have laid up patterns of fiber glass weaves, the mixing ratios of resin components in accordance with the design for a particular configuration of the blade and the resin-to-glass ratios are closely monitored. The Aerodynamic Design is assured with the help of comparator templates. To check the homogeneity of the composite structure, the LIH test is carried out. The Fan parts are also checked to ensure dimensional conformity and surface finish/coating requirements.


  • The hub assembly and the Fan assembly with its blades is balanced statically/dynamically to grade 6.3 of ISO depending on the size of the fan.
  • Each blade is held as cantilever beam, the aerodynamic load distribution on the blade is simulated by loading at discrete locations to ensure the strength capability of the blade and “Pass” the blade. These load are increased steadily up to a proof-load, and deflections against loads are plotted for each loading point to ensure consistency in the structural integrity of each and every blade.
  • The blade is accepted only if the deflection values fall within acceptable envelopes developed by our experts ensuring total product reliability and long fatigue life of fan.
  • The Hub assembly galvanized parts and blades are all painted with Epoxy/high solids Poly Urethane paint and hence are checked for coating thickness requirements. The Blades are Master Moment balanced to fit into the balanced hubs for a final dimensional check as per approved engineering drawings.
  • The static balancing of the entire fan assembly is also carried out, as required.

All the above aspects ensured that COOLFLO fans operate continuously for many years without any complaints of blade breakages or vibrations.