Questionnaire | Coolflo Engineers
Company Name& Addres*
Is the modification for energy saving or de-bottlenecking?
No. of fans:
Fan Diameter& Manufacturer’s name:
Hub Diameter:
No of Blades:
Fan Speed: RPM
Stack Outlet Diameter,in case of Cooling Tower : mtr
Air Flow (Design): m^3/sec or CFM
Existing Air Flow(If measured) m^3/sec or CFM
Static Pressure (Design): mm WC or Pa
Total Pressure (Design): mm WC or Pa
Exit Air Temperature/Density At the Fan: °c/kg/mt³
Fan Blade Material: AluminiumSolid GRP (Fiberglass)Hollow FRP
Others, please specify
Fan Hub Material : AluminiumCast IronSteel
Others, please specify
Actual Power Consumption& Motor rated KW: (Amps or KW)
No.of hrs. of Operation/Year:
Cost of Energy (Kwh or unit Cost):
Client’s Contact Details:

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